Saturday, November 9, 2013

Funny story

We were at Josh's soccer game and mom is standing next to me and says, "wow look how that dog just hangs there on the fence like that!"  We laughed and laughed.  That is so mom.

Proud of our cub scout

Josh earned his bobcat in September!  I love scouts and Josh sure does a good job at it.  After Pack Night he stayed and cleaned up and was one of the last ones there.  He knows how to treat his Akayla's

Halloween Day 2013

This is how it started out

Brien says she can't ever way makeup!

Throwing gang signs?  Kid style

The Loot

Start of the trick or treating with cousins

Downtown trick or treating

Trick or treating at Dad's work

School Skate Night

Josh wanting to go skating so bad.  He wore his halloween costume, we picked up his friend Luke.  They enjoyed pizza, pop, and lots of skating.  It is so much fun to watch Josh skate because he tries to go so fast and then wipes out so hard.  He has gotten a lot better though.  Once Belles saw Josh skating she says, "mom I want to do that."  So we got her some skates and I held her hand.  After 2 minutes of holding hands she says, "no don't help me."  She skated the rest of the time by herself and loved it.  Then she eventually found the arcade.  A fun night with the kiddos.     

Gordon's Pumpkin Farm

Had a blast picking out pumpkins, going through the corn maze, then buying apples and honey.  

Temple sealing anniversary-October 15, 2013

Families are Forever It was nice to take the kids to the temple and remember this special day!  Reese took most of the pictures of our family!